13/07/17 - NANAMIC Annual Conferences - York

9.45am – 4.00pm Askham Bryan College, York

    Preparing for changes in post-16 Mathematics



    Our focus is on changes in Functional Maths, GCSE re-sits, A Level and Core Maths


    Keynote session

    Sublime Symetry


    Amber Khokar, Art & Design


    Planned workshops include: 

    Ø  Using Citizen Maths with your learners.

    Ø  Technology which works in my classroom.

    Ø  What can the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) offer me?

    Ø  Core mathematics: How to get involved. Where is it going?

    Ø  What are Maths Hubs? How can I get involved?

    Ø  How do you engage learners in problem solving?

    Ø  Engaging in GCSE re-sits.

    Ø  Changes to GCSE, A Level and Functional Skills.

    Cost: Members £99, Non-members £119 inclusive of membership fee

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