Algebra & Graphs

  • Science Assessments

    End of year assessments for use with BTEC Science students (OCR/MEI).

  • Business Assessments

    End of year assessments for use with BTEC Business students (AQA).

  • Cormathzadrine


    Modelling the level of a prescribed drug within a patient.

  • Exponential Graphs

    Exponential Graphs

    This is a card-sorting activity to generate discussion about exponential graphs.

  • Vampires


    Introduction to exponential growth and opportunity for critical evaluation.

  • Wind Chill

    Wind Chill

    This activity is based on a wind chill model for determining the effective temperature at low temperatures and high winds.

  • The Princess's Problem

    The Princess's Problem

    This is an optimisation problem from Greek mythology that has an intuitive​ solution but is rather more difficult to prove.

  • Ebola


    This is an extensive resource based on the spread of the Ebola disease; it uses a range of statistical techniques to analysis the data and to make predictions.

  • Physical Fitness

    Physical Fitness

    Investigation into assessments of physical fitness.

  • Dating ceramics using rehydroxylation

    Dating ceramics using rehydroxylation

    This resource looks at the recently developed technique of rehydroxylation for dating ceramic objects using an exponential growth model.

  • Mental Maths and Algebra

    Mental Maths and Algebra

    Students are presented with a calculation ‘trick’ – a method for working out the squares of two-digit numbers.

  • Max Cylinder

    Max Cylinder

    This is an optimisation task involving finding the cylinder with the smallest surface area that has a capacity of 330 ml.