Mokia-0 - Budgeting

Suggested teaching time

1½–2 hours

Maths warm-up suggestion

Before the lesson begins, ensure all students are competent using these functions in Excel.

Students will be emailed a copy of the Premier League football table showing goals conceded, goals scored and games won/lost. They must then calculate their total points and goal differences using the formulae in Excel. They must be confident using the filter function and how to format cells.


  • Students are provided with the outline for the project. They are introduced to the imaginary company, Mokia,and their role within the company is explained. A video clip is hyperlinked as an example but you may want to use another clip. 
  • Students are then introduced to the first problem, which is to create a budget plan for the £1,600,000 that the company will be borrowing from a bank.
    There are three areas for students to consider in their budget:

–    manufacturing

–    marketing

–    staffing costs.

  • With staffing, students are allowed to choose from cheaper, inexperienced staff and more experienced but more expensive staff. Remind students they must stick to the criteria given.
  • This is followed by students creating a budget plan in Excel which must include the  * ,  : ,  / and ‘sum’ functions. The budget must add up to exactly £1,600,000.
  • Students must then represent each cost as a percentage of the overall budget and this must also be completed on the spreadsheet.
  • An example answer of the spreadsheet is completed on the PowerPoint.

Steps to success

  • Step 1: Lay out your budget plan in Excel to incorporate all three sectors.
  • Step 2: Enter the formulae for the total columns in your spreadsheet.
  • Step 3: Enter your values and ensure your total budget adds up to exactly £1,600,000.

Step 4: Calculate and represent each cost as a percentage of thebudget.

Suggested scaffolding

Students who struggle with this task may benefit from having a suggested layout for the spreadsheet and some formulae already completed.

A handout sheet for students with the key figures may be beneficial.

Suggested extension

Students may want to go on to represent each cost as a percentage of the total cost using the graphing functions in Excel.

Students can complete a PowerPoint presentation, explaining their choices for staff and their distribution of the budget. This PowerPoint can be used as an extension throughout the project.

Students can continue to update it every lesson, explaining the reasoning behind their work. This can then be presented to the class as a final lesson.

  • alison knapp Jul 09, 2016

    Hi. Do you have a suggested video clip? I couldn't see a hyperlink. Thanks

  • CMSP Aug 03, 2016