Financial Maths

  • Rich Aunt

    Rich Aunt

    Exploring the difference between linear and exponential sequences and their sums.

  • PFEG - Cost of Credit

    PFEG - Cost of Credit

    Learning to appreciate the cost of credit and the implications of choosing to use credit.

  • 0. Mokia-0    Presentation, Resources + Notes

    0. Mokia-0 Presentation, Resources + Notes

    In this first project students are to manage their new phone company with the launch of their new phone, Mokia-0.

  • 1. Mokia-0    Budgeting

    1. Mokia-0 Budgeting

  • 2. Mokia-0    Borrowing Money

    2. Mokia-0 Borrowing Money

  • 3. Mokia-0    Import/Export

    3. Mokia-0 Import/Export

  • 4. Mokia-0    Marketing

    4. Mokia-0 Marketing

  • 5. Mokia-0    Selling Figures and Annual Report

    5. Mokia-0 Selling Figures and Annual Report

  • Science Assessments

    End of year assessments for use with BTEC Science students (OCR/MEI).

  • Business Assessments

    End of year assessments for use with BTEC Business students (AQA).

  • Percentages in finance: Assessment

    This is a short assessment task on the use of percentages in a range of financial contexts.

  • Nuffield - Working with Percentages

    Nuffield - Working with Percentages

    Recap on percentage increase and decrease: individually, in combination and in reverse.

  • Nuffield - Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    Nuffield - Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    Introduction to APR: The interest charge that is involved when we borrow money; how to calculate interest for whole and fractional year length terms and reasons why people want to borrow money.

  • Nuffield - Simple + Compound Interest

    Nuffield - Simple + Compound Interest

    Introduction simple and compound interest (opportunity to use spreadsheets to genereate answers by using appropriate algebraic formulae).

  • PFEG - Balancing Risk and Reward

    PFEG - Balancing Risk and Reward

    Learning to make decisions about investments by assessing possible risks and rewards.

  • PFEG - Cost of Study

    Exploring the costs associated with studying at university.

  • Design a Hotel

    Design a Hotel

    This is an open-ended business simulation task, involving calculation, money and estimation.

  • Equality


    This introduces where UK tax is spent and income tax rates.

  • Budgeting and Foreign Exchange

    Budgeting and Foreign Exchange

    This has the potential to be a big project, involving budgeting for an adventurous holiday or gap year; and dealing with foreign exchange rates along the way.

  • Stocks and Shares

    Stocks and Shares

    Introduction to the stock market: Students calculate the new prices for a variety of fictional shares based on daily percentage changes.

  • Garden Design

    Producing a quote: Students produce a quote for building a garden by calculating the cost of materials and producing a precedence table and activity network to schedule the work.

  • Diamond Smuggling

    Diamond Smuggling

    This is a problem-solving task involving large sums of money, based on a true story.

  • Build or Buy

    Build or Buy

    This task considers the financial implications involved with buying or building your own home and includes mortgages; interest rates; income tax; national insurance; scheduling; Gantt diagrams and estimation.

  • Mortgages and Spreadsheets

    Mortgages and Spreadsheets

    This task involves using a spreadsheet to analyse mortgage repayments.

  • Split train tickets

    Split train tickets

    This activity is based on finding the cheapest train tickets for journeys with stopping stations, where one ticket can be replaced by split tickets (using the stopping points).