Garden Design

Students produce a quote for building a garden following a simple plan.

  • They use volume and area calculations and unit conversions to find the cost of the required materials.
  • They use a precedence table and an activity network to schedule the work, and then calculate the cost of the labour required

Prior knowledge

Students will need to be able to perform calculations involving volume, time and money in order to calculate the cost of materials. The supplied PowerPoint presentation includes a simple introduction to the required techniques in Critical Path Analysis.

Relevance to Core Maths qualifications

  • AQA

Suggested approaches

Work through the introductory activity described in the PowerPoint presentation; then introduce the main task by distributing and working through the student information sheet. The main task is suitable for group work; allow a suitable amount of time for groups to work on the task (a full solution may require several hours of work in research and writing). Group solutions can usefully be compared and assessed through presentations in a plenary session at the end of the unit.


The following resources are provided:

  • a PowerPoint presentation introducing (or reviewing) the use of Critical Path Analysis
  • a student briefing sheet describing the main task.

Possible extensions

A full solution to the main task could be quite an extensive piece of work, with the required quotation written up in detail.


This resource has been developed from an idea submitted by Steven Nixon.