PFEG - Cost of Study

This task will allow students to explore the costs associated with studying at university.

Mathematical strand

Financial Maths

Prior knowledge

Calculating with percentages, using a spreadsheet to model simple financial contexts.

Relevance to Core Maths qualifications

  • AQA
  • C&G
  • Eduqas
  • Pearson/ Edexcel
  • OCR

Suggested approaches

The tasks are suitable for small group discussion and modelling using a spreadsheet. There is the opportunity for whole class debate around the costs of university education and likely financial gains later in life.


There are ‘volunteer’ notes, a PowerPoint and a worksheet suitable for group exploration.

Relevant digital technologies

Students will need access to the internet to research information and calculators and/or spreadsheets to calculate savings and costs.

Possible extensions

The London Economics recent report for DfE on the value of studying A level mathematics and other STEM subjects may be of interest. See:


Students could compare going to university with getting a job and studying with the Open University. They might also want to compare living costs between staying at home (a popular option in many other European countries) and going away to university.


From Your Financial Future level 3: Unit 8: Activity 24, developed by Tower Hamlets Business Education Partnership, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, available at

  • LJTravers Mar 15, 2017

    The powerpoint and worksheet aren't on the downloads - just the summary sheet. I'm really interested in doing this so would love to have a look. Thanks.