Normal Distribution

This resource provides a series of questions that allow students to practise the use of the Normal Distribution in solving problems.


Probability, Statistics

Relevance to Core Maths Qualifications




•Pearson / Edexcel


Suggested Approaches

This task is suitable for individual work, as well work in pairs or small groups. It could be used as a homework assignment, to reinforce learning after work in class on the Normal Distribution.


The resources comprise:

  • the question paper
  • a set of answers for teachers.

Relevant Digital Technologies

Students could use one of the many online interactive Normal Distribution calculators to find the required probabilities.

Possible Extensions

This is a self-contained exercise, but could usefully be included at a suitable time within a longer unit of work on the Normal Distribution.


This is a resource developed for the Core Maths Support Programme by the Core Maths teachers at Huddersfield College.