Types of data

This task consists of a PowerPoint presentation that can be used to explain and review the distinctions between different types of data. The presentation explains the difference between the following categories of data:

  • qualitative and quantitative
  • discrete and continuous
  • primary and secondary



Prior knowledge

Students would benefit from having some previous experience of working through the data-handling cycle (possibly as part of their GCSE mathematics course), but there are no true prerequisites for this piece of work.

Relevance to Core Maths qualifications

  • AQA
  • C&G
  • Eduqas
  • Pearson/ Edexcel
  • OCR

Suggested approaches

This task is suitable for whole-class presentation and student discussion. Students can work in pairs on the categorisation activities that are included within the presentation.


The PowerPoint presentation includes brief teacher instructions, in the notes section of each slide.

Relevant digital technologies

Students may wish to use the internet to explore real-life examples of data sets used in a variety of settings.

Possible extensions

This activity could usefully be incorporated into a more substantial statistical project or data-based problem-solving activity.


This activity was developed by the Mathematics department at The Duston School, Northamptonshire.

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