Support for Other Subjects

  • Support for PSYCHOLOGY

    Psychology courses have significant mathematical and statistical content.

  • Support for ECONOMICS

    Economics is based on the study of the factors that influence income, wealth and well-being. It is a social science that incorporates mathematics and statistics at its heart.

  • Support for BUSINESS STUDIES

    Business Studies is based on decision making and problem solving, using qualitative and quantitative methods.

  • Support for CHEMISTRY

    Chemistry makes extensive use of mathematical models, visualisations and calculations.

  • Support for OTHER SUBJECTS

    Many of the subjects studied in Colleges and Sixth Forms rely on sound mathematical skills and knowledge. This often involves knowing how to apply simple but powerful mathematical ideas in practical settings.

  • Support for COMPUTER SCIENCE

    The study of Computer Science requires many of the thinking skills also associated with the study of Mathematics.

  • Support for BIOLOGY

    Biology has been revolutionised by developments in computation and statistical analysis.