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The Core Maths Support Programme (CMSP), funded by the Department for Education (DfE), is part of the Government’s plan to increase participation and raise standards in mathematics education for post-16 students. The aim is to ensure that by 2020, the majority of all students in post-16 education continue to study some form of mathematics: either GCSE, A-level or the new Core Maths qualifications. Core Maths is a level 3 mathematics course for students who have passed GCSE Mathematics at Grade 4 or above but are not taking A-level Mathematics. The intention is for students to retain, deepen and extend their mathematical understanding through solving meaningful and relevant problems, thus better preparing them for university, employment and life. The programme is helping schools and colleges to promote and implement Core Maths. It started with early adopters in September 2014 and the second (and larger) cohort started in September 2015.


These schools and colleges started Core Maths courses with at least 20 students in September 2014. They received funding from the DfE to support the successful implementation of Core Maths in their institutions. The CMSP worked closely with these providers to support them in this task and will continue to do so.


About Core Maths

The programme runs for two years and will be delivered through a sector-led delivery model with regional networks providing peer-to-peer support from high achieving teaching schools and colleges. The CMSP is strongly committed to a problem solving approach to maths teaching and learning. It will provide professional development to improve pedagogy in this area and to increase the capacity of non-specialist teachers to teach mathematics. The CMSP is working with a cohort of Core Maths Leads (CMLs) to act as its representatives on the ground. CMLs are experienced maths teachers from "good" or "outstanding" schools or colleges, who will provide training and ongoing support within their cluster for institutions who are early adopters (ETPs) of the Core Maths qualifications. CfBT will provide training and support for CMLs through regional networks to enable them to support teachers and tutors of Core Maths in ETPs. CMLs will have continual, committed support not only from a member of their leadership team and CMSP, but also a team of world-leading experts in mathematics and mathematics education: the Global Maths Network. This support will ensure CMLs can provide local, contextually relevant professional development to ETP teachers and tutors. CMLs will identify examples of best practice throughout the life of the programme and ensure that these are made available to all institutions implementing Core Maths. 


  • Professor David Burghes

    Teaching & Learning Specialist, Core Maths Support Programme


    Higher Education and Programme Advisor

  • Nicola Wilson

    Assistant Project Manager

  • Lasma Geide

    Programme Coordinator


    Digital Marketing Executive


    CMSP Regional Adviser


    CMSP Regional Adviser


    CMSP Regional Adviser


    CMSP Regional Adviser


    CMSP Regional Adviser


    Commissioner, UK Commission for Employment & Skills (UKCES)


Education Development Trust

Education Development Trust (previously CfBT Education Trust) is a long-established not-for-profit organisation working to transform lives by improving education around the world. Working with governments, schools and other partners, they strive to provide excellent education for all.

Education Development Trust has worked in more than 80 countries on projects that range from reforming national level education to improving the performance of an individual school. Education Development Trust employs more than 3,300 staff worldwide whose mission is to improve education to improve the lives of learners.

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We have provided links to the websites of the Core Maths Support Programme partners, all of which play a vital role in making this programme a resounding success. We look forward to continuing to work closely with them all in order to achieve our goals.

Mathematic education partners

Maths Hubs

Mathematics subject associations              

AMET (The Association of Mathematics Education Teachers)
ATM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics)
MA (The Mathematical Association)
NANAMIC (The National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges )
NAMA (National Association of Mathematics Advisers)
ACME (Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education)
RSS (Royal Statistical Society)
MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry)                              

Awarding organisations

City & Guilds
Pearson Education Edexcel

Education Development Trust's global mathematics network - International partners

Jyrki Loima - Principal of Vikki Teaching Training School, Helsinki University, Finland
Berinder Kaur - Professor of Mathematics Education in Singapore
Glenda Anthony - Professor of Mathematics at Massey University, New Zealand
Masataka Koyama - Professor of Mathematics Education at Hiroshima Pedagogical University, Japan
Eugeny Smirnov - Professor of Mathematics at Yaroslav State Pedagogical University, Russia
Yanming Wang - Professor of Mathematics Education at Suzhou University, China

University partners

David Burghes, Plymouth University
Paul Glaister, Reading University
Sue Pope, Manchester Metropolitan University

Journal of Core Maths

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